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macchinetta amoremio

“MACCHINETTA AMORE MIO”, starts the first advertising campaign of the vending machine sector promoted by CONFIDA, the Italian association that brings together the Vending operators.

Since the 16th of October “Macchinetta Amore Mio” will be the catchphrase of millions of vending machines consumers. TV, web, press, advertisements, but also the same cups used by the operators of the sector, will be the media used for the first advertising campaign entirely dedicated to the Vending world. Promoter of this initiative is Confida, the trade association that, together with “Confcommercio” and “Imprese per l’Italia”, represents the Italian companies of the vending machine business. Six commercials have been made and set in consumer contexts that are typical of Vending: hospitals, factories, offices and transit points. The Star, obviously, is the “macchinetta”, the vending machine. The “macchinetta” is the meeting place and a must date for millions of Italians that daily use it for breaking the course of a working day, to recharge the batteries or more simply to have a chat or a smile during the coffee-break. The slogans of the campaign are the following two: “Our quality is without a break and “We are not closed for holidays”, both peculiar to some of the main Vending plus: continuity, flexibility and proximity. “We chose the confidential term ‘Macchinetta Amore Mio’ for using the same language of our consumers” explains Lucio Pinetti, the Confida President. “Indeed, ’Macchinetta’ is the confidential term used by consumers for vending machine. A nickname, “macchinetta”, that actually indicates a tool with an high technological content and with behind a universe of small, medium and big companies that have made the service quality them mission”. The commercials are directed by Roberto Badò and produced by Cow & Boys. Original music, since today it has been the vending “tune”. Commercials will be broadcasted for 5 weeks in the 15” format on the main digital channels; together with these commercials there will be also other media, such as the web, with the ever present interactive Facebook page, advertisements placed in the main railway stations and on the periodical paper “La Freccia”, available on board the high speed trains. It is very innovative the use of the same cups placed inside the vending machines as support media for the campaign. “Macchinetta amore mio”: a catchphrase that you will experience every coffee-break during the next months.

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