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Mini Mini Lux

Espresso coffee pods machine equipped with two autonomous brass thermo-blocks, brass bottom and top pod holder, 1 litre stainless steel boiler for the steam and hot water production and brewing.
Compact, robust and reliable, thanks to its Patented Self-Cleaning Hydraulic System, all inconveniences related to lime scale have been removed from the coffee infusion group without the use of chemical filters and additives. The wearing of the mechanical parts is limited by the positioning of the levers above the infusion group.
The optional features available on request are: Double pod holder kit, Volumetric Flow-metre, Heated Cup Holder, Cappuccinatore (Milk Foamer) and Cappuccinatore Cleaner, Pannarello, Spinel Credit Coffee System, Kit for Connection to Water Piping System. The MINIMINILUX production model includes the Cup Holder.
The 2 coffees MINIMINILUX version cannot be converted to the 3 coffees one, instead the 3 coffees MINIMINILUX can be converted in that 2 coffees.
MINIMINILUX is suitable for bars, pizzerias, restaurants, canteens and fast foods.

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Power absorption

coffee group 600W each - steam group 800W - total power 2000W


230V/50Hz - 230V/60 Hz

Temperature control

fixed thermostat at 104°

Water tank

5,0 litres

Dimensions / Weight

(WxDxH) mm 400x370x400 - 25 Kg


2 coffees - hot water - steam
3 coffees (whit Double Pod-Holder Kit and fixed thermostat at 107°) - hot water - steam


black with stainless steel front finish, stainless steel

Quantity per pallet





Double-Pod-holder Kit can be applied in order to use 14 gr. coffee pods which make 2 espresso coffees.
Like the coffee infusion group, the kit is entirely made of chromium-plated brass, which keeps the coffee temperature constant right up to the cup. This prevents the loss of the coffee “crema”.
Cup Holder
Thanks to it a few cups can be available at any time.
Cappuccinatore (Milk foamer)
perfect to make an eccellent cappuccino even for who is far away from being a good barista.
Cappuccinatore-cleaner (Milk foamer cleaner)
Easy system to keep the Milk foamer always clean after each use.
Pannarello is a practical tool to be put on the steam arm to get a perfect cappuccino.
Volumetric Flow metre is easily programmable and enables to automatically adjust the coffee quantity according to needs: long, short coffee and hot water.
Kit for connection to water piping system can be applied in order to connect the machine directly to the water piping.
Spinel Credit Coffee System helps monitoring and controlling the amount of coffees that the machine brews: the machine stops working when it reaches the number of coffees preset by the operator.