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SPINEL is specialised in the Production of Espresso Coffee Capsule Machines characterised by an extreme reliability, resistance and quality of the brewed coffee. The Patented Capsule Loading and Ejecting System makes very easy the insertion of the new capsule and its extraction as it falls into a dedicated compartment. With these features, the system is solid, reliable and ensures a continuous repetition of the function of loading and releasing the capsule with angular rotating movements of barely 60°. The Patented Mechanical System with Closing Cam and Pressing the capsule optimises its fastening, keeps the total power of the electric pump for the infusion and guarantees an excellent coffee quality. Furthermore, it avoids all water leaks which cause deposits and wearing of mechanisms and that, through the time, compromise the machine functions. The Double possibility of adjustment of the distance between the capsule and the infusion piston allows an optimal adaptation of the coffee group to different types of capsules. The Electromechanical Control System verifies the presence of the capsule and the housing pressure of the infusion piston on it, guaranteeing the machine functioning and reducing the number of hand operations for the coffee brewing. The employment of thermo blocks with self-cleaning hydraulic system, instead of the boiler, allows to warm up water at the moment of its use for making coffee. The zinced frame avoids the creation of rust and the plate corrosion. All the capsule coffee machines, in the Steam version, are equipped with an Energy Saver System thanks to the division of the steam group from the coffee one; this feature enables, in case the steam is not being used, the exclusion of the same group with consequent energy saving. Each detail of our machines has been designed and realised with the objective of the maximum resistance, easiness of maintenance and use. Put the capsule, press the button and you too will be able to make a great Italian Espresso, tasty like that of a coffee bar.