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“BYE” the innovative espresso capsule coffee machine with a registered design, with its ergonomic and attractive shapes is the ideal solution for the office and home.
The new patented self-cleaning hydraulic system has eliminated the main cause of blocking of coffee machines: limescale.
The wear of the mechanical parts is limited by the automatic capsule loading and ejection system with cam drive (without springs).
Coffee group in brass with reduced wattage (400W) that allows considerable savings in electricity consumption, 1.5-liter visible water tank with lower suction valve and predisposition for softener filter, 18-piece exhausted capsule collection drawer, coffee dispensing spout height adjustable (75mm / 110mm), are some technical features that make this jewel of Italian technology unique.
Available in the Coffee and Coffee and Steam only versions, on request it can be made in the electronic version (includes membrane switches, electronic thermostat, timed dosing of short / long coffee, Energy Saving) and enriched with Credit Coffee System.
BYE Caffè e Vapore has two separate groups that work autonomously and can be disconnected when not in use, resulting in significant energy savings.
The easily removable side covers allow quick access to the internal components of the machine, facilitate maintenance, allow color customization and / or the affixing of the customer’s logo.
The 24V coffee version is ideal for buses, pleasure boats, caravans, trailers.
BYE works with different types of capsules: FAP, Nespresso * compatible, Lavazza Blue * compatible, A Modo Mio * compatible, etc. *
The Nespresso, Lavazza Blue and A Modo Mio brands do not belong to Spinel srl or to companies connected to it.

Technical features

Functions Coffee / Coffee and Steam
Nominal power coffee group 400W – steam group 800W – full load 1200W
Firing 230V/50 Hz – 120V/60Hz – 100V/60Hz 
Thermal control

fixed thermostat from 90° C to 110° C

electronic thermostat with variable adjustment (only on electronic version)

Tank capacity 1.5 liters
Dimensions (LxWxH)

coffee version mm 160x400x306

coffee and steam version 180x400x306 mm


coffee version Kg 5,7

coffee and steam version Kg 7,7

Colors red – white – dove gray – black
Pallet Quantity

36 pcs coffee version

28 pcs coffee and steam version


Electronic version: includes membrane switches, electronic thermostat (for adjusting the brewing temperature), timed dosing (for automatically adjusting the desired quantity of coffee short / long), Energy Saving System (puts the machine in stand-by after a predetermined period of non-use).

Credit Coffee System: it allows an electronic control of the strokes at the customer and the blocking of the machine when the preset number of deliveries is reached.

Pannarello: it is mounted on the steam wand to obtain an excellent cappuccino.

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