Espresso pod coffee machine equipped with two coffee exchanger groups in brass with independent ignition, lower and upper pod holder in brass,
1 liter stainless steel boiler for the production and supply of steam and hot water.
Compact, sturdy and reliable, thanks to the Patented Self-Cleaning Hydraulic System it has completely eliminated the problems due to limescale in the coffee infusion group.
The wear of the mechanical parts is limited by the positioning of the pod closing levers at the top.
The optionals available on request: Group of 14 grams per double pod, Volumetric Doser Kit, Cup Warmer Resistance, Cappuccinatore and Pulicappuccinatore, Pannarello, Credit Coffee System, Water Connection Kit. On the MINIMINILUX the Cup rail is standard.
The 2 coffees MINIMINILUX cannot be converted to 3 coffees, while the 3 coffees MINIMINILUX can be converted to 2 coffees.
It is ideal for bars, pizzerias, restaurants, canteens and fast food.


Cup railing
thanks to which it will be possible to place some cups on the machine to always have at hand.
Cappuccinatore Kit
in place of the steam wand, it is ideal for those who want to prepare an excellent cappuccino in an easy way while not being an expert barman.
Easy sanitizing system to keep the cappuccino maker clean after use.
It is mounted on the steam wand to obtain an excellent cappuccino.
Volumetric Doser Easy to program, it allows you to adjust and memorize the desired quantity of coffee which will be automatically dispensed in two different doses: Long Coffee, Short Coffee.
Water mains connection kit
allows you to connect the machine directly to the water supply.
Credit Coffee System
it allows a control of the strokes at the customer and the blocking of the machine when the preset number of deliveries is reached.

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